Why not have something totally different.


Because we make all of our lights in our Plymouth based workshop we now stock around 60 letters and are proud to say we offer more than just LOVE.

In our standard 4ft indoor range we can provide you with your initials or a word of your choice.  Our most popular words are PARTY, DANCE and MR & MRS.  If you're looking for something totally different, why not push the boat out and have your “new” Surname in lights.  This provides an attractive focal point and will really give your wedding the WOW factor.  

We have recently completed our new 3ft 'Mr & Mrs' which is to accompany a surname.  The idea being that you have a mini 'Mr & Mrs' sat on top of your new surname eg Mr & Mrs WEST. 

HEARTS - we're delighted to now offer both a 4ft and an 8ft HEART.  The 4ft is aimed at sitting alongside our standard range of indoor 4ft letters.  It can substitute the O in LOVE or the & in your initials for example. 

The 8ft HEART is really nicely finished and acts as a photo booth at weddings, both for the bride and groom and for guests to be photographed in / under.

Outdoor Letter Lights - we've now completed a small range of outdoor letter lights, all waterproofed for use in our coastal conditions of the SW.  Please contact us if you have a festival or garden party you need letter lights for.

'Rusty LOVE' - we've diversified LOVE and now offer a rusty metal set of letters if you're planning a retro or vintage wedding or party.

# - We can also offer you a couple of # options, so if you're #cool #married #fun then please get in touch.  Yes we have a rusty#

Now we're not prone to name dropping so we won't go on about any celebrities we've helped out over the last 5 years...